Gasoline engine HC catcher

The pores in the gasoline engine HC catcher consist of two aspects:

1) the micropores (ε0) of the adsorbent to adsorb the gas,

2) the macropores (ε) between the adsorbents.

The total porosity (ε1) of Gasoline engine HC catcher is the sum of the micropores and the macropores.

The porosities of the different zeolites are listed in the Table below.

Table. Properties of different zeolites.

Average diameter/Dp3 mm3 mm
Bulk density/ρb660 kg m−3680 kg m−3
Viscous resistance factor 1/α3.02 × 107m−24.5 × 107m−2
Inertia resistance factor C24.31 × 103m−16.0 × 103m−1