Fuel properties and mixing

The oil derived from the tough outlaying beige colored coating of rice is known as Rice bran oil.

Non-edible grade Rice bran oil was purchased from the local market to prepare biodiesel. Transesterification process was used to produce biodiesel from Rice bran oil in the chemistry lab.

Other chemicals like methanol (purity 98%), n-butanol (purity 99.8%), and potassium hydroxide (purity 97%) were bought from Joshi Chemicals, Punjab, India.

n-butanol was added as higher alcohol while methanol and potassium hydroxide was used as alcohol and catalyst respectively for preparing biodiesel.

In the experimentation diesel and Rice bran oil biodiesel blends were prepared.

The blended fuel comprises 10% and 20% of biodiesel by volume named as B10 and B20 respectively.

Two blends of diesel, rice bran oil biodiesel and n-butanol containing 10% and 20% of n-butanol were also prepared titled as B10–nBu10 and B20–nBu20 respectively.