Fuel injector cleaner: how does it works, why and how is it used?

How does injector cleaner work?

Does fuel injector cleaner really work? Can it improve the performance of internal combustion engines? Some people inject it into the fuel tank times and times, while others use it occasionally or never use it. What the truly function about fuel injector cleaner?

Before we talk the fuel injector cleaner, here is a quick understanding of it. In fact, fuel injector cleaner has many names, such as fuel system treatment, fuel system cleaner. They are all the different names for the same product.

How the fuel injector cleaner appears? Briefly speaking, the reasons are the fuel and the reaction during the combustion.

Theoretically speaking, the fuel system is clean if the fuel (gasoline) is pure. However, even the best gasoline with highest octane with all the detergents and fancy additives that you can get still has some contaminates. That is the reason why lots of car still equipped with one or two fuel filters.

Some contaminates can go through the fuel filters and build up in the fuel supply system. They can be every where in the fuel system, such as the bottom of fuel tank, fuel lines, and the fuel pressure regulator.

Other contaminates can appear as carbon deposits, which generated during the poor combustion.

If these deposits accumulate to a certain extent, they will affect the performance of the engine.

When the internal combustion engine operates, the amount of fuel is very sensitive to the performance of the engine. More fuel or less fuel in the combustion, the engine can not work well.

The results may include: hard start, less power, poor emissions and poor idling.

Obviously, the way to make the engine work at the peak performance is to keep the fuel system clean.

What does a fuel injection cleaning do?

The engine fuel system need a clean environment to provide the suitable fuel/air mixture. Thus the mixture can burn and push the piston in a surge of power.

However, the fuel system may affect by the by dirt and debris. Especially, the part of fuel filter, pump and injector are clogged easily at different level.

With the poor condition of the fuel system, other parts may be affected, and this can cause a poor driving experience.

Just like the name of the fuel injector cleaner, it can remove the dirt, debris and build up. At this way the engine performance can be guaranteed.

Above all, it is necessary to clean the fuel system regularly or follow the guide on the vehicle manual.

How often should you use a fuel injector cleaner?

There are different positions towards the frequency of cleaning fuel injectors comparing the dealers and repair shops with the car owners.

The attitude of the former is that it is recommend to clean fuel system frequently.

To the car owners, the type ( the amount of detergents ) of gasoline fuel are different used in the engine, due to the different quality of the station.

Lots of automaker’s routine maintenance schedules has not listed the fuel injector cleaning.

And it is necessary only when the clogged signs are appears, such as a rough idle, stalling, poor acceleration or high emissions levels.

However, compared with regular fuel injection, some gasoline direct injection (GDI) systems are more prone to clogging. And it is recommend to add the fuel system cleaner.