Transesterification and biodiesel production process

Single stage alkaline transesterification process was adopted for producing biodiesel form Rice bran oil.

A solution comprising of 135 mL of methanol and 2.5 mL potassium hydroxide was blended with 500 ml rice bran oil at a molar ratio of 10:1 and heated for a period of 120 min at a temperature of 50 °C.

Various properties of Rice bran oil biodiesel and n-butanol are shown in Table 1 which presents that according to biodiesel standard ASTM D6751 all the fuels are in reach of the particularized check.

Table 2. Properties of fuels used.

Property Diesel B100 n-Butanol ASTM standard
Density (kg m) 835 868 810 900
Viscosity (cSt) 2.72 4.38 3.64 1.9–6
Calorific value (kJ kg) 43 400 39 488.5 33 000 >33 000